Bringing together the best of
the IT cloud industry.

Now in its sixth year, the UK Cloud Awards celebrates the diversity, innovation, excellence, customer experience and digital transformation powered by the cloud industry.

We are pleased to announce the Winners for The UK Cloud Awards 2019, the full list can be found here.

The UK Cloud Awards were established to recognise innovation and excellence in the cloud industry. To keep pace with the industry, the Awards and categories have been developed to represent the significant factors of cloud innovation over the years. This year is no exception with recognition of the impact of AI/ML, DevOps and the increasing diversity of talent and the formation of ecosystems. 

The Awards showcase the leading vendors, customers and individuals who are setting the benchmark in the UK and beyond. The ceremony took place on Thursday 16th May 2019 at County Hall, Belvedere Road, Southbank, London SE1 7PB.