2018 Award Categories

The UK Cloud Awards are a recognition and celebration of innovation, agility, and technical excellence. These awards showcase exceptional businesses which have made a real impact in the IT industry.

Hundreds of entries are received every year and standards are always extremely high with the shortlist representing the best of the industry.

Hello - My name is Frank Bennett and I’m honoured to accept the role of Chair of Judges for the 2018 UK Cloud Awards. This is a time of great innovation enabled by the Cloud and our 2018 Awards including for the first time new categories to celebrate this innovation. I look forward to working with our sponsors and judges to deliver a competition that inspires companies to demonstrate the power of their products and why they are truly best in class, and for hard-working teams to share the success of their projects.

As far as my own credentials go, I was an early pioneer of a SaaS product some thirteen years ago and since been involved with a number of companies in their cloud journey to Iinclude Microsoft, Google, Citrix, CommVault and some lesser well known. I currently serve as the Deputy Chair of the Cloud Industry Forum and its Governance board concerning the CIF Code of Practice and the impact of GDPR for our community.

I have noticed more conversations are peppered with talk of digital transformation and the emergence of technology that is potentially transformative (AI, IoT, Blockchain) and we have created new categories to expose these innovations.

So we countdown to the fifth UKCA, meeting old friends and making new friends and raise our glasses on the evening to celebrate the wonder of the creative industry we are a part of.


Frank Bennett, Head Judge



Best-in-Class Products

In this category we have chosen to combine core components of the cloud technology stack—such as security and storage—with the search for companies addressing the need to deliver on business continuity.

In a world where work isn’t a place any more who is delivering the collaboration and mobility we need with a user experience that delights and keeps the support desk idle. Is innovation a buzzword or alive and kicking? We are looking for innovation that not only trips off the tongue but also delivers quantifiable value.

For the first time we introduce a category for FinTech, leaving it wide open for interpretation and for our FinTech judges to run the numbers. Best-in-Class is a subtle combination of innovation with a deep understanding of real world needs wrapped up in an articulate story to capture the imagination. 

1. Describe what is special about your product to expose your competitive differentiation

2. Describe and evidence what practical steps you have taken to consistently deliver high customer satisfaction

3. Describe and evidence your commitment to continuous product innovation

The available categories are...

  • Security Product of the Year

  • Storage Product of the Year 

  • Collaboration Solution of the Year

  • Business Continuity
    Solution of the Year

  • Most Innovative Enterprise Product

  • Most Innovative SMB Product

  • Unified Communications
    Product of the Year 

  • mobility solution

  • Financial-tech Solution of the Year

  • Best Cloud Platform Solution

Best Digital Transformation Projects

Everyone has a digital transformation project – right?

It is the project that will disrupt your business before another disrupts it! There is no one size fits all and it is not as though you can buy a box with ‘your digital transformation project’ inside. So we are looking for the best examples of what start off as ideas and through sweat and tears deliver transformation. You might not want to share the secret sauce of your transformation project, and we get that. What is of interest is the process and the delivery of the outcome against expectations.  People, Process, Technology, Brains – what else made a difference?

Check out our new ‘emerging technology’ category and open the door on your work in the field of AI, IoT, blockchain or whatever is topical for you and amaze our judges.

As a new category the judges look for entries that share experience that will be useful to others.

1. Describe the situation and options that were considered before embarking on the project.

2. Describe the big challenges the project faced and how they were overcome.

3, What has been learned from the project?

4. What would you do differently next time?

5. What is the impact of the project and how that is measured?

The available categories are...

  • Public Sector Project of the Year

  • Best Private Sector Project SMB

  • Private Sector Project Enterprise

  • Most Innovate Emerging Technology

Best-in-Class Cloud Service Providers

Tried and tested, and we love this category.

In an uber-competitive market we are looking for the provider that delivers a rock solid service with something else – you know what your customers want and you know how to deliver that. You don’t have to be the biggest, and to impress our judges think about how you tell your story that leads to that ‘a ha’ moment – I get it and that is really smart.

We welcome nominations from both providers and customers.

1. Describe what is special about this supplier's service provision to expose it's competitive differentiation

2. Describe and evidence what practical steps this supplier has taken to consistently deliver high customer satisfaction

3. Describe and evidence this supplier's commitment to continuous product innovation

4. Describe one use case that would make this supplier a worthy winner of the award.

The available categories are...

  • Best Cloud SErvice Provider

  • Best Cloud Start-Up Provider

  • Best Cloud Managed Service Provider

  • Best G-Cloud Public Sector Provider

Achievement Award

The robots may be coming, but until then we will recognise and celebrate human endeavour.

We are looking for a cloud visionary that are often storytellers and define our future in ways that somehow reduce complexity to something that everyone can relate to. The word entrepreneur should not be used casually — it is reserved for people that have often gone out on a limb and done something amazing.

We invite your nominations, and a select panel of judges will likewise invite worthy nominees. These achievement awards also bestow the winners Honorary Membership of the Cloud industry Forum.

1. In your own words describe the qualities of a Cloud Entrepreneur or Cloud Visionary.

2.  Put on record your achievements and how they can be verified.

3. Provide the name of one person who will attest to your achievements.

4. Tell us your top cloud computing prediction for 2018.

5. In any field you choose, who do you admire and why.

If you are nominating someone respond to 2. above with reasons why you consider them to be worthy of the award.

The available categories are...

  • Cloud visionary of the Year

  • Cloud entrepreneur of the year



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